This is Franco with Louis who used to live on the streets and is volunteering his time to paint the outside of the building where the set free ministry lets dream center park the vans. it is across the street from the VOA drop in center in the heart of Skid row. Louis prayed for us and kept thanking us for talking to him. He thought we blessed him big time, but he has no idea how he blessed and encouraged us.                                            The last picture is leaving the dorm room, knowing you can’t wait to go back.

We just got back from a great trip to the Los Angeles Dream Center. These photos are just a small glimpse into what Pastor Matthew Barnett and the dedicated people at the Dream Center are doing. They are truly being blessed by the hand Of GOD... THe energy and excitement of the many programs is amazing. From our first arrival we were helped by Gabriele (the arch angel) who is in the Discipleship program and works security. He was so excited to tell me about the history of the hospital and the renovations going on there. They basically have the first 7 floors finished and have maybe 500 people staying there between staff, volunteers and discipleship programs and also have teams coming to visit from all over the world that are housed in the dorm style rooms. Standing 6 feet and 7 inches Matthew Hendry heads up the “Under the Bridge” homeless outreach ministry doing an incredible job on famous “SKID ROW” one hot plate of food at a time. A great shout out to Matt and Chris (from Sweden) !!!  THANKS...AND MAY GOD BLESS BLESS ALL OF YOU AT LADC.

Everyone there has taken ownership of 1st john 3: 17.   (If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? )

The energy at this place is contagious, we did not want to leave. I was so inspired and pumped about the HPC homeless outreach and got some new vision and energy to bring back. It feels like HPC with a double dose of ADHD.

     The main hospital building                                      The upper floors ready for finish out                   Gabriele on the roof top

Above is the mobile medical clinic.                   This is the Thursday outreach at 5th and Crocker,                 Matt, Maria  and volunteers setting up to serve about 300 homeless meals at various parts of skid row.  Skid Row is an older downtown area that used to have bars in the 1930s or so and people started hanging out here with drinking problems , now drugs are the big ticket here and at night you can see people dealing on the street corners . Tents are allowed to go up after 10 pm at night and must come down at 6am so that the downtown area does not look too bad.  Most people on the streets have either a drug or alcohol problems and many have mental illness. it is heartbreaking to see these people who look like walking zombies, beat up by life and without any hope. It will leave you speechless and .........  

This is the kitchen where they cook for about 400 or 500 people 3 meals a day and cook for about 300 plates for the homeless outreach

John runs the kitchen and is another product of the discipleship program (Hey Larry, check it out)  

This is Matt on the left, and Jose Luiz.  Chris (from Sweden) in the middle picture, Matt and Chris run the homeless outreach program, humble servants.... Matt and Jose Luiz (photo on left) are getting food ready for the homeless outreach at the Volunteers of America drop in Center. The guys in the 1 year discipleship program cook food for about 300 everyday of this outreach. This was tough to see hundreds of people hanging out and sleeping in a courtyard. I felt like I was in their living room. You cannot imagine anything like it.       We were with a group from Virginia who came to help out.            

This is Angelus Temple, where they do an awesome praise and worship service on thursday night and Sundays,  complete with door to door bus service bring in people from the inner city and skid row. The building on the inside is massive and they know how to blow the roof off for the LORD. Matthew Barnett listed Dino as one of his top 5 favorite evangelists preachers and he got so excited talking about HPC. Maybe he will move from LA to LA.                      

This is packing food for the adopt-a-block food program. They pack 5 or 6 buses up with lots of food to bless people and really get to know them on a regular basis. this group was in from bible college in Canada. Eddie Sanchez who runs this program knows JP

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